Nathan Perrott- Partner

Nathan Perrott is an NHL veteran with over 13 years of pro experience on the ice – having played for teams such as The Nashville Predators, The Toronto Maple Leafs and The Dallas Stars.

In addition to being crowned one of the toughest players in the entire NHL – Nathan won the fastest skater and hardest shot competition while on the Toronto Maple Leafs. Following an impressive tenure in professional hockey, Nathan’s time as a heavyweight boxer and workout specialist required that he not only maintain his pro-athlete’s body, but he has learned all facets of health and wellness across the board.

Over the years, he has utilized various methods of recovery and care like the kind of therapy we offer at PPE – both for his own needs and for others. Having dedicated his entire life to physical maintenance and conditioning – Nathan has accrued a profound first-hand understanding of how the human body works and reacts to various treatments. His wealth of knowledge and personal experience makes him an invaluable asset and partner of PPE – and we are proud to have him on the team.

We are the dream team that will assist in your fitness goals and recovery !

Rick Munro – Partner

Rick is an avid, passionate lifelong hockey player and has a strong foothold in sports, entertainment, and business.

Rick’s start in the business world was robust and led to the success he would experience in establishing his relationships with some of the most influential people in North American sports and entertainment.

Starting In the 90’s he was a team captain for the Jerry Bruckheimer summer hockey tournament in Las Vegas for 20 years. In that capacity, he created an agenda for the weekend’s events as well as everything required from booking the ice to restaurants, accommodations as well as recruiting NHL players, celebrities, and sponsors.

Then in 2008 he was the pivotal piece in assisting the sale of the Tampa Bay Lightning for over $200 Million.

What makes his valuable contribution to PPE is his mission to grow the game of hockey from youth all the way through adulthood. In doing so, educating kids on the value of being a team player.