Tournament Information

All teams must submit their rosters not later than 7 days prior to the tournament. We can accept last- minute changes up to 24 hours in advance. Please submit your master roster to the web link ASAP.


Each team is guaranteed 4 games.

Players can only register and play in one division.

3 Team division: Will play each other twice in round robin. The team with most points wins or go to tiebreakers.

4 Team division: Will play a 3-game round robin and the top 2 teams will play a Championship game. The bottom 2 will play a consolation game.

6 team division: Teams will play a 3-game round robin. The top 2 teams will play a Championship game. Seeded team 3 will play 4. Seeded team 5 will play 6 as consolation games.

8 team Division: The division will be divided into Two 4 team flights, A & B. Every team will play a 3-game round robin within their flight. Teams 1 & 2 will play a semi-final in their flight. The 2 winners of the semi-final will play a 5th and a final Championship game. Both 3rd place teams in each flight will play in a consolation.
Both 4th place teams from each flight will play their consolation game.

Additional information

Home teams will wear their light or white jerseys. Any conflicts, the Visiting team will switch jerseys.

Teams must be ready to play up to 15 minutes early. Maximum of 4 coaches on the bench at any given time.

There will be a 3-minute warmup and a 1-minute break between periods 1 & 2. No timeouts during regular play or semi-finals. Championship games will be allowed (1) 30 second timeout.

Locker rooms must be evacuated within 20 minutes after completion of game.

If there is any excessive water or debris on the floor, it must be cleaned up immediately or subject to a $100 clean up fee. If there is any damage to the locker room/ showers or rest rooms, it must be reported immediately to management. Whoever creates the damage will be liable for the cost of the repair.

No parents are permitted on the ice or benches at any time!

The 1st place team will be presented an approved version of a Stanley Cup as well as individual trophies. You may have a 5 minute on ice celebration with your winning banner and cup. Photographers will be present for the winning team on ice pictures.

2nd place teams will be presented with a gift in their locker room after the game. Please do your handshake and leave the ice. There will be no participation medals at our event.